Smarter, more accurate transcription. Easy.

In any format, in any condition, for one fixed price. Convert paper into Excel, into PDF, into JSON, or into Microsoft Access. That's all we do, and we do it really well.

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Our Services

We are serious about invoice conversion and transcription. We provide a great range of options for uploading invoices, as well as what we can convert these invoices into.

Convert into Excel

We can convert invoices into Excel, formatted so you can simply download an excel spreadsheet of invoices.

Convert into PDF

We can convert invoices into PDF, we pull all information out of invoices in whatever format then structure and export them as PDF.

Convert into MS Access

We can convert invoices into Microsoft Access, we allow you to download a Microsoft Access database of all parsed invoices based on your preferences.

Search converted data

We can convert invoices into searchable data, which is fully indexable and human readable tables you can view, search, and export within our management panel.

Email invoices

We will automatically convert any invoices emailed to us, if you email us invoices they will appear in our management panel for export and search.

Single and Bulk uploads

Via email, or via our admin panel, we allow you to quickly upload single or multiple invoices for conversion.

Our Pricing

All converted invoices are a single fixed price per invoice, parsing more invoices reduces the cost per invoice. We bill on the 1st of every month. Pretty simple!

$0.20 per

0-1000 invoices

$0.20 per invoice for the first 1000 invoices.

$0.15 per

1001-50000 invoices

$0.20 per invoice for the first 1000 invoices. $0.15 per invoice thereafter.

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50001+ invoices

For enterprise rates per invoice, Contact us.