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About Us

We are serious about transcription. We provide a great range of solutions to help every business automate their workflow.


Converting paper to digial is hard, we can automate it for you quickly and easily!

Save Time

Affordably priced, we will save your company both money and time in transcribing.

Import Anywhere

We provide transcribed data in a variety of formats, from Excel to MS Access, to directly into Xero or MYOB.

Store and Search

We store all your data for later retrieval, you can quickly and easily search all transcribed data with our system.

Human Verification

All data passes through humans. Though we use AI to figure out what the data is, we use humans to ensure it's accurate.

Easy Upload

Send us an email, drag and drop from your desktop, or take pictures with your phone. We will take it in any format and give you the same result.

Digital Transcription

We offer a smart digital solution to process and manage files, records and other types of paper data. Our digital transcription service converts your paper to digital safely, conveniently and affordably.

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Quick Results

We can make your manual data entry faster. For many businesses, faster data entry translates to happier staff and more income. Make the switch today; start using smart transcription solutions to achieve quicker results.

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Our Mission

We exist to save companies time. We are a team of digital transcription experts that have developed an outstanding digitized transcription and parsing service.

Saving Time

For productive businesses, technology is a major component of success. We help bridge the gap between traditional pen and paper business and technology. We do this by taking out the manual requirement to transfer your paper into technology.

Creating Opportunity

It's often a daunting task to transition a business into utilizing technology. We offer a solution that can provide this transition efficiently, effectively and affordably. Get in touch and we will help you transition your business now!


Our pricing is really simple, we charge per field in each recipe. As a comparison below is what you'd expect from our default recipes.

Invoice Transcription

$0.20 per Invoice

Based on our default Invoice Recipe, this can be altered for lower/higher pricing.

Receipt Transcription

$0.05 per Receipt

Based on our default Receipt Recipe, this can be altered for lower/higher pricing.

Custom Transcription

$0.01 per field
$0.05 per repeated field

Based on any custom Recipe, contact us to get more information about what you can create!