Privacy Policy

XFer Strict Adherence to Privacy

The privacy document as contained herein is written to inform our clients who visit our platform for our services to be aware what we at XFer do with the data we cumulate on each visit to our invoice transcribes and parses online platform to utilize the services on our platform. We are thankful to you for accessing and utilizing our services. We at XFer wish to notify you that client's privacy as it concerns data submitted on your access to our online platform is vital to us. When you utilize our services, we collect and utilize information about our clients. XFer policy statement as contained on this webpage is written to inform our clients that type of data we collect from them on their signup for our services and what we do with their data to assist them settle on decisions concerning how their data is gathered and utilized for their desired services on our platform. Our private policy document may change now and again, it is the duty of the client to check for update to the policy each time on accessing the site. Any change or revision so effected will be posted on our policy document webpage. It is expected and necessary that you read this privacy policy frequently to ensure you are updated as to any changes. Prior to using our web platform or services, you should exhaustively read, comprehend and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. If you do not consent with this Privacy Policy, you should stop and leave our website immediately.

Information XFer Collect From Clients?

When you access our web platform to utilize any of our services, XFer will request that you signup any of the package as posted on the website and you will be asked to submit some individual information about yourself during the signup process. wish to expressly state that information harvested online are generally categorised as unclassified or personally distinguishable. Unclassified information is a category of information that can't be associated with the character of a specific individual. This class of information is information is tailored especially to recognize a particular client, for instance, name, email address, payment information or phone number. An instance of unknown information is the way that, while this site may record the amount of visits to a particular page that occur in a given time allotment, it doesn't inflexibly tell us the names or other recognizing information of every visitor of the web platform.

Automated Unclassified Information

On each visit to our web platform to utilize any of our services, we automatically track, record and log unique information about your personal computer. We automatically record dispatching information such as ecological variables, web software type, system software (operating system), website URL (logical address of the communicating device), and microprocessor speed to enable furnish you with the most ideal services. We additionally record specific search demands and results to attempt to guarantee the exactness and proficiency of our web search tool. We utilize your Web address (commonly referred to as IP address) to track your utilization of the web application or services, including pages went to and the time spent on every page. We gather this information and utilize it to measure the utilization of this site and to enhance its content and performance. The greater part of the information that is naturally submitted to us by the web program is viewed as unclassified information. To the degree we share such information to third-parties, it is not traceable to a specific visitor of the website and won't be utilized to reach you.

Cookies Technology Deployed

XFer employ cookies on our web application platform. Cookies are usually small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer's browser directory which is created when you visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions giving you an astonishing identifier. This text file engages your PC to have an "exchange" with our web application platform and permits us to moderate our site more gainfully and to give a more exclusively fitted and basic utilization of every one of our services to you. You may set your computer browser software to notify you when cookies are deployed or to dismiss cookies from being sent; if you do in that limit, this may confine the functionalities we can give you when you visit our website online platform.

Third-parties that collaborate with this XFer site to use services may utilize cookies or gather other data when you go to their site. We don't control the collection or utilization of your data by these third-party associations. You ought to contact these third-party websites especially if you have any demand concerning their gathering or use of data about you.

What XFer Do with Your Information

At XFer, we gather personally distinguishable information just to provide to our clients the services they requested for, creating factual reviews, leading promoting research, enhancing items and services (transcribing and converting of invoices to different document formats), sending you overviews, and advising you of new services and whatever other changes to our site or services that may influence you. When you submit personally distinguishable information to our web application platform at, you explicitly comprehend that you are consenting to permit us to have access, store, and utilize that data for those reasons that you are using our services for. We won't offer, uncover or give any personally distinguishable information to any other individual without your consent. We might be required by law enforcement or legal authorities to give personally distinguishable information to the appropriate administrative powers or governmental authorities. In the event that XFer is asked for by legal authorities or legal powers, we will give this data on receipt of the proper documentation. We may likewise divulge data to law enforcement organizations or other agencies in the event that we feel it is important to ensure the security and welfare of our personnel or to authorize our terms of utilization.

XFer Withdrawal Policy

Whenever you wish to pull out from getting promotions and messages from us at, we ask that you reach out to us through mail notifying us to stop sending promotional messages to you. You may expel your name from our mailing list by sending us an e-mail tended to and showing in the title "No Promotions or E-mail."

Safety Guarantee

We at oversee and maintain secure data network frameworks moderated by industry known firewall standards and secret key protected systems deployed to ensure a protected session for our clients. Our security and privacy policy methodologies are discontinuously audited and enhanced as vital, and simply approved individuals have permission to the individually identifiable information given by our clients. We don't, in any circumstance, assure you that unapproved, incidental disclosure will never happen.

Transfer of XFer Customer Information

Client records, data and information are legitimately considered resources of any business enterprise. As needs be, in the event that we XFer converge with another company or if we sell our assets to another entity, our client records and data, personally distinguishable information you have provided us, would be incorporated among the assets that would be transferred to the new company.